How to fit in at your first Hijacked festival

It’s basically Coachella, right?

Ah, summer in Exeter. Going to the beach, eating at Firehouse and getting drunk- and not necessarily in that order.

But there’s more to it than all this. It’s time for Hijacked.

It’s a summers day filled with ~vibes~ and your ultimate opportunity to bust out the wavey garms and talk extensively about how much you fucking love Ms Dynamite- and not just her one really famous song.

But before you can show the world (read: Exeter) just how festival ready you are, there are some crucial steps in preparation that you must take first, and if you don’t it’s very possible you will be shunned and have a terrible time.

UV protection

This is of course referring to hats. And hats is of course referring to exclusively bucket hats and, if you’re feeling particularly out there, snapbacks.

Also included in this categories are sunglasses- is it raining on the day? Perpetually overcast? No bother, it’s not really what sunnies are for after all. Wear them all day, all night, and as you sway home after the after-after-after party the next day.

Sensible outerwear

When you’re willing to spend the day outside during the Great British Summer, you take the high risk of it raining buckets. But it’s okay, because no Exeter electronic music scene is complete without the eyesore of a neon windbreaker.

If you really want to complete the look, get those enormous gold hoops on that your mum never let you buy from Claire’s when you were younger.


Who are you if you don’t have a pint in your hand? No one. You can be sipping on the same pint all day, as long as there’s something in your hand for photos and when you’re dancing. Can be exchanged for a cigarette (rolled, of course) if need be.

Get ready to get asked “are you coming up yet?” and dragged to the very front of the crowd to be as near to the stage and speakers as possible- if you really want to look in place, make sure you have at least four packets of chewing gum at the ready.

 Cultural appropriation

A vital part of this mostly white and middle class gathering. What’s a bit of cultural appropriation between friends? You proudly wear that bindi regardless of the possibly offensive connotations, girl.

Pretty, girly stuff

GLITTER. GLITTER EVERYWHERE. Put it on your cheeks, wear glittery and sparkly face jewels, paint on elaborate swirly patterns on your face, and the floral crowns never go out of fashion.

Just remember the mantra: this is basically Coachella.

The music

The most important part of the whole event, of course. Does anyone actually know the difference between the hundreds of subgenres of electronic music? Many will claim to, and so you shall too. It simply wont do to wonder out loud who TEED is and if you spent too long in the queue for the portaloos and missed the really famous Ms Dynamite song.

Here, you are an electronic music aficionado. Here, you know your drum and bass from your dubstep and your deep house from your tech house. Cheer when it seems appropriate, raise your hands in the air when everyone else around you does, and don’t forget to assure those around you at regular intervals that you do indeed fucking love this song.