Exeter’s Best Bums: The results

Which tush will emerge victorious?

We set out to find the best bums in Exeter, and you lot did not disappoint in this cracking contest.

We received almost 3000 votes during the hole competition deciding which guy and gal are in possession of the best derrières. Here are the results.

The girls

The winner of this highly coveted title by a landslide is…


Winning more than three-quarters of the 1500 votes received for the girls, she has said of being bestowed this honour:

“What an achievement, mum is so proud and daddy is happy that I have something to show for his 9 grand a year. Also shoutout to my housemate who won the best boy belfie.”

First runner-up with 360 votes for her belfie is….



The boys

A closer competition, but taking the crown for the men is…


With almost half of the votes going to him, keen cyclist Geoffrey has snatched the title for the lads, and he could not be prouder.

Humbled, he told The Tab: “With huge thanks to my fellow flatmates for their encouragement and support, this title will outweigh graduation, marriage, being knighted…”

This was a closer competition, but the first runner up managed a respectable 20 per cent of the boys’ vote.