Tab poll results: Over half of you are voting Tory on Thursday

You’ll never guess which halls has the most Tory voters in them…


More good news for Dave – more than half of Exeter students are going to vote Conservative on Thursday, according to our poll.

The results across the board lean in favour of the Conservatives, with 53% of those voting here hoping to finally kick Ben Bradshaw out of his seat in parliament and put in the Tory candidate.

Similarly, of those voting in their home constituencies, 56% are planning on voting Tory.

Labour hasn’t fared nearly as well, with 23% of respondents defending the Labour incumbency in Exeter, and even less voting for Labour at home at 17%.

The Greens aren’t far behind, with 10% of students voting for them both here and at home, and 1% in Exeter will be waving the red flag and voting for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Exeter fourth year Joel Mason doesn’t appear to have garnered overwhelming support from students for the Lib Dems, as he’s gained the vote of 5% of them here, but 8% are intending on voting Lib Dem at home.

Finally, it would seem UKIP aren’t a favourite among students, with only 2% here in Exeter lending their support, and 3% voting for them at their home constituencies.

Freshers are, again, looking mostly Conservative, although the results to differ (often predictably) depending on halls.

Almost three quarters of Holland Hall residents are living up to their unbearably posh reputation and voting Tory, and a lowly 8% are voting Green and Labour. There seem to be some Socialists creeping about the glass castle though, with 4% voting TUSC, and even less voting Lib Dem and UKIP, at 3% and 1% respectively.

The more affordable accommodation such as Lafrowda, Point Exe and James Owen Court have higher proportions of Labour voters around the 30% mark, but all of them bar JOC are mostly filled with Tories.

James Owen Court has the most Labour votes, although they have just as many Tories, with each of them having 35% of residents voting for them.

Duryard and Lafrowda both have the most Green voters of the halls at 14% each, and lonely Point Exe have the most UKIP supporters within them.

Ever enigmatic, Moberly has by far the highest proportion of Lib Dem supporters, with 21% of respondents from there voting for them, yet garnering below 5% of votes in other halls.

Of the 940 who took part in the survey, 4% aren’t planning on voting at all, 1% don’t know yet, and of the other 95%, 62% are voting here in Exeter and 37% doing so in their home constituency.