The outdoor swimming pool on campus is open for ‘summer’

Perfect weather for it, too


Most unis aren’t lucky enough to have a swimming pool right on campus, but we have ours at Cornwall House, in between the Lemmy and Lafrowda.

It officially opened for the summer season last week, and you can enjoy a dip bright and early from 7am until 8pm every day of the week until September.

It’s not as cold as it looks

For all you platinum membership holders, use of the pool is included in it, and everyone else has to pay a small fee to go for a paddle.

For non-members, it’s £3.60 per go, or £27 for unlimited use in a month to enjoy the gorgeous May weather we’ve got lined up.

mmm, drizzly


The pool itself is pretty famous, having had Nicholas Hoult float about in it during Tony’s existential crisis in that episode of Skins when he went to an Open Day and shagged a girl in Old Lafrowda.

Isn’t that what everyone does in pools? 

When the weather does eventually cheer up, expect the pool to get very busy with both students and the public, so you can get in some laps while it’s still calm and get your money’s worth.