Virgin suicide: We’ve had super-slow Internet for FOUR days

Can you even read this?


Unless you’re a fresher or with BT, you might have noticed that Virgin Media hasn’t been very good recently.

Second, third and fourth years in Exeter unfortunate enough to be with the broadband provider have been left high and dry with very slow internet since Thursday.

The problem has affected a large part of Exeter and although the earliest complaint has been recorded as being on Friday afternoon, according to Virgin Media, it is not due to be fixed until exactly 4.05pm this afternoon (and not a minute later).

The weekend has proven difficult for many, denied luxuries such as checking Facebook and watching their favourite TV shows online. Some resorted to going to the library to fulfil these tasks.

Second year Corrie Gold said, “These last few days without Virgin have been the worst of the year.

“I was forced to come to the library at the weekend, just to check Facebook and read Exeposé.”

English second year Sherri Andrew echoes these sentiments: “It’s an absolute shambles, Virgin Media need to get their act together. I had to go all the way to the Forum just to catch up on TOWIE which was not ideal.

“This weekend has been in the top 10 worst of my life.”