Where has the Timepiece burger van gone?

The beloved burger van has moved and shaken the Exeter community

| UPDATED noad

Many Timepiece revellers have been left thoroughly baffled and disorientated as they stumble outside for their end-of-the-night TP burger for the walk home after a night of working up an appetite on Top Top.


The burger van has moved from its usual place of residence by the entrance to the Timepiece quad, to allow for renovations of Hole in the Wall.

It is now taking up a large portion of the smokers shelter, a decision met with criticism in some quarters.

Second year Sherri Andrew said: “It’s so bloody annoying that they’ve taken away the best spot in the smoking area, now there’s about 5% less space for DMCs and TP chanting. All in all a poor decision.”

The temporary home

The queue is now crammed into the shelter and isn’t quite as orderely and polite as it once was due to the confusion.

There is talk that they now are very short of caramelised onions, a common grievance for the truly important addition to the TP burger. Now that it has apparently been neglected, many TP-ers have resorted to changing vendors to the outside burger van, where the promise of caramelised onions awaits.

Peter Gillibrand, a Politics first year, said: “The caramelised onions are essential – this is Exeter after all.”

Some TP regulars are even giving up on the burger altogether.

Freshers Jonny Stubbs and Simon Grech said: “We’re devastated, they’ve lost all our custom now, I ordered a box of 24 Rustlers to get delivered as soon as I got home.”

This is not right

But don’t give up hope yet you TP lovers, your end of the night burger situation will be back to normal soon.

Timepiece has confirmed that the move is only temporary.

Hole in the Wall is undergoing renovation after the fire last summer. Hoping to be open again in April, the burgers will be returning to their usual spot, hopefully in an even bigger and better refurbished home.