Why clubbing in flats is superior to wearing heels

I love Exeter even more because it scoffs at clubbing in heels

When I packed for uni at Exeter, like most female freshers, I packed 2 standard pairs of heels, unsure of the night-out-shoe preference. When I finally figured out the preference I, like most female freshers, breathed a silent sigh of relief.

No more pavement face-plants, no more morning blister soothing sessions, and no more holding back on the d-floor.

The ‘wonders’ of heels

Off within 10 minutes of going out

I should admit first of all that for tall ladies like myself, heels have never been a major part of my wardrobe. This being said, theres nothing quite like looking at your legs when you slip on a pair of heels.

But then 5 minutes pass and you regret the decision, toes are cramping and heels are rubbing, so you take them off and get back into the comfortable bliss of having your feet flat on the ground.

Heels are just painful, awkward, and unless you are very graceful, make you walk like a constipated duck.

Let’s be honest, who can dance in heels? Trainers make much better footloose footwear.

Nobody cares

The general consensus among my male friends is that they do not care whether or not you are wearing heels. Granted for the balls and posh bashes heels may be standard, but for the weeknights out, no one can see your heels in the club and nobody cares except you. So why put yourself through the ordeal?

Aint nobody got time for them

After scrolling through the depths of Facebook and iPhoto to try and find some photos of heels, it would seem that they do not exist. Girls: they never make it into the photo, there is virtually no proof of their existence, so why bother?

The perils of heels

Ladies, we all know far too well “that drunk girl” who turns into Bambi and simply cannot stay on her feet with those spindly heels.

She inevitably either takes them off and trundles home muddy-footed or wakes up with a sprained ankle.

Not exactly this season’s Kurt Geiger now is it…

You can really hurt yourself

Hazy on the details, my friend broke her foot somewhere between Taylor Swift and Shakira, in Arena. Standing at a feminine height of 5′, she has always been a fan of heels and their height-giving properties.

However, after experiencing the comfort of a night out not in heels, (and the medically advisement against the wearing of them) she is content in trainers.

The freedom of flat feet

So dance to your hearts content, without the fear of falling, without trying to remember how to walk, without those pesky blisters. Play it cool and comfortable with the kicks, put those heels away in the cupboard.