How to survive Wednesday Timepiece

It’s not for the faint of heart


What to wear

One great thing about Wednesday TP is the crazy costumes.

On a social? There are always a few items every uni student can use for a cheap and makeshift costume.

Baywatch babes. Cus, why not? It’s Wednesday

99p store white t-shirts are always handy, as are female flatmates for their make up stores and artistry.

Not on a social? – It’s easy to blend in with the fancy dress sports social vibes.

You can wear whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re shittest attire, craziest outfit, or your pyjamas if you fancy it.

You don’t have to wear a costume, you could just go in jeans and a tee, but whatever you wear, be sure to don trainers for maximum comfort and dancing capacity.

Function before fashion

What to drink


Now this does depend on your alcohol tolerance, but experience shows that with a tactical pre-drinks, you don’t need to bother with queuing with the crowds at the bar nearly as much.

One light drink to start you off is a beer/cider/vodka mixer, and perhaps a shot of spirit to get you buzzed.

Then of course a few more glasses of your choice, just enough to get the alcohol jacket on to walk to TP.

In hindsight, boys, vodka, and front facing cameras aren’t a good mix

Finish off with a red-bull-spirit concoction to get your wired up.

Drinks en-route

Make sure to decant whatever you were drinking into a handy disposable water bottle, slowly chug on the walk down and chuck in the bins by TP.

Handy portable beverage jar

What time to get there

Avoid the queues

The best time to arrive may depend on what is on, but if you want to avoid the queues, tried an tested timing points to an approximation of 10:15 being the perfect arrival time. (Perhaps earlier tonight what with varsity and that).

Queue jump

If you get there and the queues wrapping around the corner, there is one handy hack of jumping in at the bend- you wave to your “friend” in the queue and jump in very subtly.

How to survive the crowds

Make sure there is a group of you, min 3 people, and use your dancing ‘skills’ to create a nice circle of dancing/breathing space with a gentle shove against those pushy dancers beside you (note gentle, you’re not trying to start a mosh pit).


Wednesday may have just the same number of people at Friday TP, but with all those hench rugby lads, you certainly find yourself more cramped together.

“Theres a special place in heaven for the people who can deal with top top” – Ryan Davison, Engineering first year

Sweating it out on Top Top? Simply boogie on over to the fan and cool yourself down.

Burger or taxi?

Its 2am. You’re being shooed out and the crowds are gathering around the taxis and burger vans. You rumble around in your pockets and manage to find £3 of shrapnel. But do you spend it on the burger or the taxi?


Always a burger. the burger will keep you warm as you walk back, and if you took the taxi you’d probably go home and raid your fridge to find a MUCH less delicious treat than the TP burger anyway. Be wise, burger up.