Is Adam Griffiths Exeter’s most eligible bachelor?

He’s going to be on Pointless

This fourth year wants to charm you in the language of love, and will watch ‘Frozen’ with you to your heart’s content.


Course: BSc Biological sciences with proficiency in French

Fun fact: I will shortly be appearing on BBC’s ‘Pointless’, although can’t divulge as to how far into the game I got..

Best chat up line: “alright, I’ll give you my number”

Describe your ideal significant other: Someone who likes to keep in shape and go to the gym as much as me… a fun sense of humour and who can make me laugh is ideal.

I’m not saying they have to be vain, but I feel taking care in personal appearance and fashion-sense is important. Makes things easier when we shop.

They also have to be interesting, someone who has stories to tell and experiences to share. I feel the best couples are made of two interesting individuals.

Looks or personality: With the likes of tinder being so popular today is proves how everyone deep down is slightly shallow as you decide within seconds of seeing someone on the app whether you’re going to swipe right for them or not.. but I go for personality in the long run.

Guilty pleasure: Aside from knowing all the words to the majority of the Frozen soundtrack, it’s also one of my favourite movies.