Are you Exeter’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette?

The search is on – help us find the cream of Exeter’s single crop

Do you feel that your good looks and phenomenal chat don’t get enough attention and need to be publicised on a bigger platform?

Do you have a hot and brainy friend who just doesn’t get enough appreciation and you want the world to see how great they are?

If the answer to either of these questions is a resounding YES then email [email protected] to nominate yourself or your mate for Exeter’s most eligible bachelor/bachelorette.

We’re looking for the all-round greatest single guys and gals from our beloved uni, and the very best will be open to a vote so you can choose your favourites from the two categories.

This year’s contest is set to be a close-fought affair, perhaps even more prestigious and important than BNOC of the Year.

You could be (almost) as much of a big name as this guy

The finalists will each have a personal profile to help you lot decide who the best of the bunch are, and once chosen, the winners will be subject to much praise, admiration, and probably some free drinks when they go out.

But to embark on this endeavour we need you to nominate yourselves, your friends and your housemates for the highly coveted titles of most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette.

A title superior to that of ‘fittest fresher’?