Revealed: How posh are your halls?

Yes, Holland Hall is as unbearably upper class as we all suspected

Almost a third of Exeter students went to private school, and our halls are among some of the spenniest in the country.

Now comes the shocking revelation students from private schools are more likely to live in the most expensive university halls.

The castle at the top of the hill

Unsurprisingly, 59.7% of the students who can afford the £200+ p/w rent in Holland Hall come from private schools.

Of the cheapest accommodation on offer, Lafrowda and St Davids at £102 and £99 p/w respectively, less than 20% of the residents of Lafrowda went to independent schools, and less than 5% of the students who are willing to walk all the way from St Davids did so.

New Lafrowda still doesn’t get as much loving from wealthier students

Students from private schools are more likely to avoid cooking for themselves for another year, with there being far more of them in catered halls than self-catered.

Even the cheaper catered options, such as Mardon and Lopes that have far less expensive shared room options have higher numbers of ex-private school attendees than self-catered halls, at rates of 38.6% and 51.9% respectively.

Official statistics from the university uncovered by The Tab show the numbers and proportions of private and state educated students living in almost all of the university halls.


This doesn’t appear to shock many students; Masters student Beth said, “I’m not surprised to be honest.

“The people I lived with in my catered halls in first year were all fairly sheltered private school kids who I wasn’t surprised had never learnt to cook.”

Similarly, second year student Mia said, “It’s hardly surprising that private school kids end up in the most expensive catered halls, it’s probably the closest thing they can get to their chefs and butlers at home.”