You can finally have your first successful electronic music night

Expand your horizons

If you’ve been living under a rock and only surface for Cheesy Tuesdays, then you probably haven’t been to a night of electronic music delight at Cavern, the Phoenix or Cellar Door (RIP).

You also probably haven’t been to a night run by Hold It Down or Our House, but you’ve definitely always been curious.

If this is the case, it’s your lucky day, because they are teaming up to hold a Christmas DJ showcase of the best resident DJs in Exeter this Friday, including those from Thick As Thieves and Beats and Bass society.

The event will be held at the Phoenix, which is less claustrophobic than Cavern, and drinks will only burn a slight hole in your pocket.

The first and second ticket releases have already sold out, although you can still get your hands on entry to the coolest Christmas party in Exeter for under a tenner. If you’re lucky you might even get a new profile picture with artsy lighting out of it too.

This is a prime opportunity to venture out of Arena, and if you had any doubts about how to conduct yourself in such a situation, here’s a handy little guide on how to fit right in and make small talk with strangers at the bar:

What to wear

This is important. Girls, you don’t want to wear a little cocktail dress and heels to this sort of affair (what are you even doing with high heels in Exeter, you maniac).

Think anything high waisted, vintage (post 1990, obvs) trainers that about 6 months ago were outdated but now you might pay 80 quid for them, and a crop top.

You don’t want to be the only girl without a crop top, do you? Exactly. Wear a crop top. If you get sweaty, borrow a hair scrunchie from your little sister and you’re sorted!

crop tops for days

Boys, how long does it take for your facial hair to grow? You have until Friday to cultivate a decent beard. A classic vibesy shirt will compliment this nicely, and don’t forget the snapback.

Dat beard, doe

The music

You might hear some chat about the music, and you won’t be forgiven for assuming that all electronic music is the same.

No, it’s not all house. And obviously not all house music is the same you philistine. There’s deep house, chilled house, electro house and approximately 108 more types.

They know the difference between chilled and deep house and so should you.

There might be some garage, trap and god knows what else thrown in. Not knowing these won’t affect your night in any way, but it might not be best to engage the chap who was behind the DJ booth earlier in conversation about how much you love dubstep. Or maybe that’s back now?

The dancefloor

You’ve got past not knowing what on earth is playing, and you’re being told gleefully to “wait for the drop” by everyone around you, but what do you do?

Essentially you want to get to the front of a crowd and stick your hands up a lot. Especially when the DJ does it too.

For more info (although what more do you need really?), go to the Facebook event here, or buy tickets here