Ladd culture: Exeter hockey fresher on his way to Edinburgh after fives loss

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…unless you’re a hockey fresh


A silly Exeter first-year is headed to Scotland after losing the men’s hockey club’s annual game of Edinburgh Fives.

Dan Ladd (yes, that’s actually his name) is currently approaching Sheffield on his arduous 14-hour round trip.

The hapless fresher lost the hotly contested final at the club’s Nativity-themed Christmas dinner.

Gloucester boy Dan, speaking exclusively to The Tab from the train, said: “I honestly thought my fives game was strong.

“With no sleep and a unbearable hangover it has been a struggle.”

The rich tradition dates back to the early noughties and has become a unifying event in national hockey.

In 2012, Ben Sully was greeted by a delegation from Edinburgh hockey club (or the other EUMHC) and plied with provisions.

Last year, Aussie Jack Banister was also met at Edinburgh Waverley and supplied with wine and snacks.

He also met at Durham and Birmingham by members of their teams, before being “kidnapped” by Bristol hockey boys and taken on a night out there.

And if you want to relive the finals from previous years – here are the videos.

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