Hockey Ladd arrives in Edinburgh to triumphant reception

An ordinary fresh on an extraordinary journey

Fresher Dan Ladd left Exeter at 6.24am on his epic journey to Edinburgh in the annual hockey tradition of Edinburgh Fives.

Despite having to face this journey with an “unbearable” hangover, the bleary-eyed fresher made it to Scotland in one piece.

He was greeted at the train station by members of the other EUMHC, bearing gifts of booze and food, as well as the traditional swapping of the club ties.

Members of Edinburgh Hockey Club showered Dan with gifts

They were joined in the pub by a representative from our friends at The Tab Edinburgh who provided some hangover relief in the form of Irn-Bru and a Tab t-shirt.

The Ladd has good taste

Club Captain Rory Collett exclusively told The Tab, “All he was given was a Bible, a diary to write in, a phone charger and a bunch of Club ties to give to the other Clubs on the way.

“The diary has descriptions of their journey from the last three losers of the game and he now has his chance to add to a tradition that has been going on for almost a decade.

“Only those who have been on the trip can read what has been written in the book, so that is of some distraction for him.”

A well deserved drink.

He said of the tradition, “It’s a fantastic way to bring hockey clubs up and down the country together even if it’s at the expense of poor Dan sat on a train for 16 hours – the response from other Uni’s is always brilliant and it has driven the subtle nuances of 5s into an art form.”

This year was particularly exciting, as the boys also had the opportunity to bet on who was going to go, so the interest in each and every Fresh was at fever pitch.

On his way back down to Devon, he’ll be met and swap ties with hockey clubs from universities including, but not restricted to, Sheffield Hallam, Uni of Sheffield, Leeds, Durham, Birmingham, his local club St Paul’s, Nottingham… and of course Bristol, who famously kidnapped the loser of fives last year and took him on a night out.

As the club tweeted earlier, “Who knows what we’ve got in store this year.”

In other words, perhaps we shouldn’t be expecting Dan back in Exeter at 10.40pm as expected.