People who need to GET OUT of the library

Chatting to your mates and eating crisps in the quiet rooms should be against the law

For some of us, the library is a sanctuary away from home: a quiet, peaceful place for us to get on with our coursework and take Snapchats to prove how hard we’re working.

However, most days the library is far from this, and it seems like some people are determined on ruining the calm and quiet for the rest of us.

“If I had a pound for every wastrel I saw in the library, I’d be able to pay off my student loan,” said Shiraz, a second year Sports Scientist.

Can you not sleep somewhere else?

The worst kind of offenders are the fools who bring a three course meal to the study desks and make so much noise”

While most of us use the library to do actual work, it seems like others view it merely as a place to cash in on the free WiFi.

“I tend to avoid the library, as it’s pointless even looking for a seat,” said Adam, a second year English student.

The Loft can be just as bad though.

“Last week the guy next to me watched three hours worth of Netflix. If you’re not going to do work, go somewhere else…”

This seat was empty for a good few hours…

While noisy eaters and TV addicts can be annoying, there’s one type of library attendee that really gets under May, a third year Psychology student’s skin.

“I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to arrive in the library after a high-powered, sweaty march up Forum Hill to be greeted by a sea of empty, yet occupied desks.

“I’m pretty sure people turn up at 7am purely to reserve their desk for the day, then piss off to hours of lectures, leaving many of us without a space to work.

“It’s so selfish it makes me sick.”

If you’re one of these food munching, TV watching, chair stealing fiends than please, please piss off back home and never, ever return to the library.

For everyone’s sakes.