The great quest of having lunch on campus

One student discovers that it will make us all broke, and possibly a bit ill too

With the extortionate prices of food on Campus, the cost of my lunch ends up being more stately than studenty. This is a record of my quest to lead a more frugal lunchtime existence.

Typical lunch on campus: Market Place Baguette £3.45 + Costa Coffee £2.80 = £6.25. This is a weekly grand total of £31.25

Not exactly student living. Let’s see what else Streatham has to offer…

Student Guild Shop

Armed with my strong resolve, I headed towards the Student Guild shop, which is often hailed as having the best meal deal on campus.

This is true, the Guild’s Urban Eat Meal Deal will get you a sandwich, drink and crisps for the grand total of £3.29!

How mistaken I was.

While these sandwiches are definitely cheap they also look like they might give you E.Coli. Sidebar, Salmon and Cucumber sounds too horrific for words.


With my initial optimism slightly battered I headed upstairs to Pieminister.

First things first, from my Southern perspective, I was a bit apprehensive about this Northern treat.

At any rate Pie Eating seems quite a messy business. Though Paul Hollywood might disagree, being covered in crumbly pastry is hardly an attractive prospect.

Terrace Restaurant

Right past Pieminster we have the Terrace Restaurant. Apart from looking like a school canteen complete with dinner ladies of course, it seemed like the solution to all my problems.

That was until I had a closer look at the menu. According to my calculations if I ate lunch here for every day of the working week I would be spending close to £30.00.

Again, hardly student prices.


Devonshire House having failed me, I considered one of the more traditional establishments on Campus.

That was when I remembered how very rammed the RAM is, with the probability of finding a seat less likely than Rolf Harris winning an award from the NSPCC for his work with children.


Sorry Costa, I’m just boycotting you on principle.

Market Place

You too, Market Place.

The Grove

Then came the light bulb moment of all light bulb moments – the American Diner!

With the thought of Burgers, Ribs, Steaks and Nachos pulsating through to my very core I set off more motivated then ever.

That was until I remembered about the hill. Sorry American Diner, but climbing that hill looks about as appealing as climbing Mount Doom.

Market Place (take two)

With my quest now in ruins and my hunger reaching it’s natural limits I threw all caution to the wind and revisited my old friend The Market Place.

But sadly it was not to be. The Delicatessen was quite obviously closed.

Sometimes I feel like God has his reasons for testing us, but this ordeal has quite simply shattered all of my faith.