Firehouse hosts ‘controversial’ suicide-themed pub quiz

Some regulars chose not to attend due to feeling ‘uncomfortable’


This Monday the Firehouse pub quiz, which is popular with many students, opted for the theme of “suicide”.  

Previous themes have included “Movember” and “Harry Potter”.

Jude, who has run the quiz with Terry for 10 years, said they settled on this week’s theme to be “controversial for controversial’s sake”.

“We randomly choose a theme for next week at the end of each quiz,” he said.


The quiz was packed as usual.

“Our quiz is quite controversial, so we thought we would go for it.  We’ve got no taboos in our quiz.”

Sophie, a History student who was attending the quiz, said: “In a way I think it’s quite a good theme as it gives a lot of exposure to suicide, which is still quite a taboo subject.”

“However, it is still quite controversial, and I’m expecting there to be a question related to Robin Williams.”


The picture round featured celebrities who had commited suicide.

Jack, another member of Sophie’s pub quiz team, said: “On one side I do think it could be seen as quite insensitive but it could also be a chance for people to open up about it.”

While students attending the quiz didn’t seem too fazed by the theme, other students were put off attending.

Jess, an English third-year, said: “I usually attend most weeks, but this week I decided to give the quiz a miss.

“I know people who suffer for mental health issues and the theme just left me feeling a bit uncomfortable.”