Your essential housing guide: The Mount Pleasant edition

It really isn’t as far as you think. Honest

During house hunting season, everyone wants to live as close to the uni as possible and there’s the universal fear that Mount Pleasant is miles away so it’s not considered an option.

But I’ll let you into a secret… it’s a lot closer than you think.

Mount Pleasant

Walking distance to campus is actually only 20 minutes, and believe it or not, it’s only 0.8 miles away.

Perfect for having a decent length phone call. and even better, its free exercise that you don’t realise you’re getting.

Forget about the hype of Saunders, save your student loans by getting cheap booze from Beer Box and microwave meals from RMC stores (both are under a five minute walk away).

The solution to saving student loans.

Fastfood? Well, after a night out you will pass KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Subway on the route home (not even mentioning the smaller takeaways). So fear not, greasy goodness is always within reach.

Amber Dawson, an English second year, said: “Personally, I love living here because our house is so nice.

“I’d much rather walk five minutes extra, it’s not that much further than living in Birks.

“We viewed a lot of houses which were closer to the University but which were a lot more expensive, had unequal sized rooms, and little living space.

Our house is only £80 each per week (excluding bills) and ticks all the boxes.”

Second year Elizabeth McDowell said: “A positive is the house itself: we all have really nice clean, bright rooms; all the furniture and appliances are modern and we have cheaper rent than living closer to uni in a similar house.

“Our rent is 105 a week including all bills and WiFi, so we don’t have the stress of making sure we sort bills out, and we aren’t worried about turning the heating on.

“The walk really isn’t that bad, it only takes twenty minutes to get there so it’s not as far as everyone thinks.

“It was the nicest house we saw last year but we were looking for seven people, which had limited housing stock, and we left it quite late so ended up compromising on the location, but it hasn’t been as bad as we all thought it would be.”

So, don’t listen to the rumours, save money and broaden your house hunting horizons.