Student tries to mug homeless woman outside Arena

A student tried to steal a homeless woman’s money after a night at Cheesy’s

A drunken student attempted to rob change from a homeless woman on Wednesday morning.

Just before the nightclub closed at 2.15am, the reveller stumbled out of Arena and grabbed a homeless woman’s hat from the floor that contained her money.

After emptying the contents of the hat into his hands, he tried to run away, but was quickly stopped by two street wardens.

The student was seen arguing with a homeless woman

The Exeter student managed to escape after he was told to “go home”.

The victim said shortly afterwards that she was not surprised at the unprovoked theft.

“This happens all the time in Exeter, people always do it to me, especially students.

“I keep the pound coins in my pocket so that they don’t get taken.

“There are a lot of rich kids around here so I don’t understand why they steal from people like me.

“Do they look like they need it more? No.”

The victim

After being caught, the student was seen laughing to himself over his failed attempts to steal some coins.

This boy tried to steal from the homeless

The surrounding area often has homeless people sheltering near by, but in recent times they have become targets for drunken student’s verbal abuse.

Devon and Cornwall Police could not comment on the incident.

However, one anonymous eye-witness said “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, how low can you get?

“If I were the boy I’d be disgusted with myself and embarrassed”.