BNOC of the Year 2014: Group 3

Polish off your BNOC-ulars

Once again, you voted in your thousands for the winner of round 2 of the most important honour in Exeter.

Here’s the next lot of big names hoping to make it to the grand final:

Kwasi Yeboah

With more suaveness than Daniel Craig, Kwasi Yeboah, also known as “yeah-boi”, is one of the smoothest boys in town.

With his impeccable manners and charm he really does prove that chivalry isn’t dead.

Kwasi is the epitome of a boy with a finger in many pies – if he’s not part of your society then it pretty much doesn’t exist.

A big hit with the ladies, he is sure to sweep any lucky girl off her feet, most likely at Arena where he proves on a daily basis that he is one hell of a triple threat – he can sing, dance and act.

In the unlikely case that you don’t recognise him, you’ll know someone who does.

Ben King

Being club captain of the notorious EURFC, and EURFC 1st XV captain, it’s fair to say that the legend of Ben King is a fairly big deal in the AU.

He’s the only one of our nominees who is actually from Exeter, and he has certainly left his mark on uni life.

If you haven’t heard of him because of rugby then you’ve definitely heard of this force of nature for his world famous bolting record.

How this third year can balance all of this responsibility with a healthy appetite for going out is a mystery, but more pressingly, he left us all wondering last year how to grow such an excellent beard.

Lucia Mrazova

Also known as “the dream”, multi-talented Lucia is one of Exeter’s most stylish gals. Extreme sports are her forte and as a committee member of the longboarding society, her swag comes from within.

Often spotted at the Cavern, she has most likely been the girl on your newsfeed tagged in those cool looking pictures.

As a prolific house music enthusiast, there is no limit to her edginess.

This Slovakian beauty is the “international relation” you need to know.

Greg Russell

Greg Russell is one talented guy: not only has he made a name for himself in EUMCC, but he is a fairly big deal as a musician and manages to balance this all with a politics degree.

Notoriously known for being Always Out, when he isn’t at a cricket social at Monday Moz, he’ll usually be found getting very loose at Arena, and you can spot him by the impressive ginger moustache he’s sporting these days.

He somehow manages to do all this as well as travelling around the country playing gigs.

As a musician, his band won the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award, and this year won the BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award.

If you like your BNOCs to be sporty, musical and an all-round good guy then Greg is your man.

Francesca Michaud

This lovely Italian lady has certainly made a name for herself in the Exeter clubbing scene.

She’s part of the team running popular electronic night EXIT, as well as being the face behind the camera catching you slippin’ when you’re out.

Francesca has further cemented her presence within the electronic music scene, as she also helps organize many Hold It Down events.

When she isn’t doing this, she finds the time to usually be at Cavern or events at the Phoenix, talking to absolutely everyone there.

She certainly has the mark of a BNOC: being able to go out by herself as she is guaranteed to know everyone in the club already.

Juan Felipe Rodriguez Osorio

 As far as having a big name goes, they don’t come much bigger than Juan Felipe Rodriguez Osorio (it’s 25 characters long).

For those of us lucky enough to remember Cellar Door, this guy was practically the poster boy.

Although he’s tried to “go out less this year” you’ll probably still see him out every night of the week.

Can you expect anything less when he promotes for every event to ever happen in Exeter?

As one of the nicest guys to ever come from Colombia, he can woo you in four different languages – an impressive skill for any man.

On top of this, Juan Felipe can pick anything up with a pair of chopsticks. ANYTHING.

If that doesn’t spell BNOC, we don’t know what does.

And, joining Tom Parsons in the final from Group 2…

Harriet Sutton becomes the first EVER ginger BNOC finalist.

She said: “I’m overwhelmed by the support.

“Thanks to everyone who voted – I’ll be throwing some mad shapes on Top Top to celebrate this Wednesday.”

‘I’m coming for you Parsons’