Choosing your housemates? These are the people you NEED to avoid

Seriously – they’re awful

Competition for prime real estate means the hunt for housing typically starts in mid November, but when you’ve only known people for 6-7 weeks, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you want to share living space with them.

If you’re lucky enough to avoid these well-known stereotypes, you might actually enjoy spending time in your house, or, quite shockingly, make life-long friends.

The avid cleaner

How can you be so excited about cleaning?!

There’s typically one “Monica” to each house (if you think you don’t have one, it’s probably you).

They’re the type of person that makes a weekly cleaning rota 2 weeks into term because they “can’t stand the abnormal levels of mess”.

While having a housemate that frequently cleans can be a blessing, be wary.

You can guarantee coming home to passive-aggressive post-it notes dotted about the house pointing out areas that need cleaning, or even worse, they’ll visit your room every few days to nervously remind you that you STILL haven’t taken the bins out.

The party animal

Dancing with bouncers is typical party animal behaviour

They like to sleep all day, and party all night…..if waking up to multiple glasses of questionable liquids and empty takeaway boxes littered around the kitchen isn’t your thing, then you’ll probably hate this person.

Yes, we all love a good night out, but off-key renditions of classic Whitney Houston tunes are not always appreciated at 4am.

They’re basically the mortal enemy of any avid cleaner. And of your regular sleep pattern.

The all rounder

Go away

This person just makes you feel guilty for all the things you slack off on.

Skipped your gym class? They went to 3 this morning.

Struggling with last minute essay writing? They finished theirs last week.

Everything you can do, they can do better.

They also typically eat really healthily, frequently go out and still manage to keep up with all their work.


The recluse

Are they still alive?

Does this person even still live in your house? You usually won’t see them for days on end, and you probably can’t even remember what they look like.

Did they have glasses? Perhaps a beard?

While they’re not exactly annoying to live with, they do make collecting money for bills bloody hard and you can guarantee they’ll never do any cleaning because “they’re never in anyway”.

The stress instigator

Uni is just too much for some people…

OH MY GOD DO YOU KNOW OUR ESSAYS ARE DUE IN 5 DAYS?!?! This person has a way of making every possible situation stressful.

They react to running out of milk in the same way your four-year-old cousin would: they throw an absolute shit fit.

And around exam time they’re a nightmare. Their constant stressing will leave you awake at night worrying about your own work.

Chill. Out.