I don’t care if the John Lewis advert is out, it’s too early for Christmas

It’s not December yet, so please stop with the premature festivities.

Just because John Lewis have released their Christmas advert, which has of course brought tears to our eyes, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to crack out the offensive festive jumpers.

Each year everyone’s favourite holiday seems to come sooner and sooner and it seems that 2k14 is no exception.

JL’s underwhelming lights

Everyone knows that Christmas is one big excuse for students to spend the last of their overdrafts on shite presents for flat mates that they probably don’t even like.

Just incase you wanted a cushion for Christmas

The clever ones are those who organise a secret santa. But November is not the time to do so.

These plates have been on sale for two months!

High-street supermarkets like M&S have already been selling their Christmas sandwiches for two weeks for those of us who like to enjoy dry turkey everyday.

Sainsbury’s are even selling mince pies that have a best before date of the 24th of November.

Mmm a stale treat?

One student has already bought his flat mates presents but has felt the pressure of Christmas coming too soon.

First year Drama student Tyler Greene said “I’ve already brought all my uni friends presents but I ended up spending so much I couldn’t afford proper wrapping paper. I had to wrap them up in Exposé.”

Although some of us can think of nothing better than listening to Michael Bublé on repeat for the next six weeks, others are less than enthusiastic.

Second year Biology student Rob Harvey said “I’ve only just got over Halloween, Christmas right now is just too much to handle.”

Even our beloved charity shops are cashing in early.

Nan will love a gift from Age Concern

But possibly the worst part is the recent influx of naïf Christmas jumpers.

Ho ho… no

Can we please refrain from stuffing our faces and spending lots of money for a little longer? It may be winter now but it’s certainly NOT Christmas yet!