BNOC of the Year 2014: Group 2

Almost 5,000 of you voted in the first round of BNOC of the Year. Check out the result at the bottom of the page Now it’s time to see if any […]


Almost 5,000 of you voted in the first round of BNOC of the Year. Check out the result at the bottom of the page

Now it’s time to see if any of our next six candidates can bulldoze their way into the final.

They’ve got beauty, brains and beastly bolting times, but only one of them can have the honour of moving forward to the next round.

Georgia Kossman

Everybody’s favourite Luxembourger, Miss Kossman brings just a little bit more sophistication and glamour to wherever she goes.

Fluent in 4 languages, the face of Fashion in the Forum and an intern for the Government, she boasts both brains and beauty.

Whether she’s saving lives with the Red Cross, gracing the Arena dancefloor with her moves or simply grabbing a coffee in Boston Tea Party, it’s impossible for her to go anywhere without her having to pause to chat with someone she knows.

If you think this 2014 should be the year which introduces a BNOC which a touch of class, then Georgia is your girl.

Magnus Assmundson

Having returned from his year abroad in France, Magnus has only managed to become the captain of the club responsible for one of the biggest scandals of the year so far (remember #Justice4Colin anyone?)

With a jawline sculpted from marble, the floppy blonde hair of a young Chad Michael Murray and the ability to chat girls up in both Spanish and French, this BNOC candidate is surely going to be a favourite amongst the ladies across campus before we even start to mention his incredible stamina and physique.

Harriet Sutton

Harriet Sutton, or “Slutton” as she’s known to her nearest and dearest, is guaranteed to be found on the Timepiece dancefloor every week.

Is “kind of a big deal” with Exeter’s sporting community, both because of her positions as Polo Social Sec and Lacrosse 3s Captain, and for being “well known” among the boys of rugbys union and league for… other talents.

There’s never a dull moment around this Bioscientist, if she’s not doing something crazy then she’s got everyone in stitches recounting some of her classic antics.

Both charming and fun-loving, this BNOC is guaranteed to be the life and soul of any party.

Max Maltby 

Although you may know him as That Guy With The Dreadlocks, there is more to Max Maltby than meets the eye.

As Vice President of Beats and Bass society, he can often be seen wandering around campus in a vintage B n B shirt, and has been described by friends as having perfected the art of getting low on the dancefloor.

Fresh from a year abroad in France, Max went straight back to Cavern, where he is a well-known regular, and he can exhibit his stoic grand world views in two different languages.

A fairly humble nominee, all who know him agree that he is a genuinely nice bloke and all-round good egg, and a great candidate for BNOC.

Elizabeth Nicholson

Known as the most fearsome social sec of the netball club of all time, Liz is one buxom beauty who is renowned for practically owning top-top TP.

She hasn’t missed an EG since 2002 which has earned her plenty of respect from the AU.

Liz is fit in more than one sense of the word, if you don’t see her bolting a cider-black on a night out, you’ll probably recognise her as the girl who still manages to look good at the gym as she perfects some squats that even Kim Kardashian would be jealous of.

If she wins BNOC of the year, she wants to create a BNOC dynasty with the likes of 2012 winner Kayne Sheppard.

Sam Baker 

Known to some as Doodles, Sam Baker is the dream of every repressed conservative girl who wants to piss off her parents.

You might know the self-confessed heartthrob for his collection of tattoos and for being one of three people around campus with an accent from north of the M25.

When he isn’t fighting off swooning girls with a stick while DJing at Mozzers on Mondays or Thursdays (he just can’t get enough of the place), he’s a resident Our House DJ, and when he isn’t doing THAT he’s probably boozing with Colin the Eel and the EUAFC, of which he is former Beer Sec.

Being a big name in both the AU and the Exeter DJ scene, you can probably see why he was already on the BNOC shortlist last year. He claims he’s an even bigger name than before, and chances are, if you don’t know him then one of your girl friends does.

If you admire someone who can cross the AU/music scene and loved first year so much he did it twice, Sam Baker’s your man.

Tom Parsons heads through to the final with an unprecedented 40% of the vote.

When we spoke to Tom earlier, he said he was “apathetic” about his win.

He said: “Thanks to the 2,000 or so people who voted for me.

“I don’t know who most of you are – but it’s good to know that strangers can be friendly sometimes.”

And what