BNOC of the Year 2014: Group 1

It’s back and you love it


And so it begins.

Last week we sent out the call to arms for you to send in your 2014 BNOC nominations. And oh how you did.

Below we have the five of the biggest, booziest, best names on campus for your enjoyment.

Read, vote, and buy them a drink next time you see them on a night-out (which you inevitably will). Being a BNOC is hard-work you know.

James Rimmer

Known to most as simply Rimmer, even as a fresher his outrageous behaviour and fantastic chat landed him a solid reputation within EUMCC, of which he went from social sec to club captain this year, earning him plenty of recognition within the AU.

When he isn’t at Monday Moz putting the rest of the cricketers to shame at one of his own cricket socials, he can usually be found causing mischief at socials for most other clubs at the uni.

If you think a BNOC should be Always Out and a born again boozer, Rimmer is definitely your man.

Tommy Latimer

Exeter’s answer to Paris Hilton, T-Lat has risen to stardom in rugby, drama and elite social circuits simply by being really, really good at getting loose in Arena.

So good, in fact, that he was unbanned from the establishment because the bouncers loved him too much to let him go – can you be more connected than that?

That is not to say the man lacks talent.

Latimer is renowned for his legendary dance moves, having both attracted crowds to watch his dance-offs with the Arena Hat Guy, and gained hero status for being the only person to get so low on the stage at the Enchanted Garden Ball that he actually fell off. While wearing a burgundy suit.

Member of FC Third Bar, League of Legends extraordinaire and possibly the nicest man you will meet on campus, if you want your BNOC to be loose, legendary and lovable, Latimer is your guy.


Everybody’s favourite netball captain, Ana is renowned for being seen at TP every week, sipping a strawberry and lime VK and always dressed in full-costume (dressing up is a passion of hers).

Also a lover of Mosaic, she‘s got as many moves on the dancefloor as on the pitch.

She also boasts a more sensitive side, however, being the loving owner of King Caesar the hedgehog and quoting her favourite film as being Blackfish- because #savethewhales.

If you think a BNOC should be someone whose style and smile are as big as her skill, then Ana is your gal.

Lucy Melia

Exeter’s Carrie Bradshaw, this ghetto fabulous girl loves nothing more than listening to her jams with a VK at Thursday Mosaic.

Proving that convent girls are far from boring she is constantly on some kind of wild weekend away.

Lucy is also well known for her hilarious stories from her gap yah that friends describe as “the best anecdotes of all time”, if she hasn’t been somewhere, it’s not worth knowing about.

Her obsession with the paranormal has won her the prestigious title of “Campus Clairvoyant”.

She’s the hot blonde that girls want to be and guys want to be with.

Harry Gordon

A strong nominee for this year’s title, Harry is a face that you should all know (unless you live under a rock).

As one of Exeter’s most prestigious DJs you are likely to see him spinning the decks at Mosaic or the Cavern.

Well known for arguably the best top-knot on campus, his hair has been the inspiration for many a “Man Bun Monday” –this is his best accolade to date.

On top of this, Harry is quite the style icon around town, channeling his inner Vanilla Ice circa 1996 he makes the past once again current.

Pom Tarsons

Pom Tarsons is a writer and activist. He lives in Leamington Spa with his partner Francis and their two cats, Miffy and Molly.

When he’s not penning hard-hitting political thrillers, Pom can be spotted gulping lime and soda in Old Timers prior to a cheeky Timepiece session.

Pom also plays rugby league, and is responsible for 85% of that club’s personality.

He likes long walks in the countryside and shorter walks in other places too.

He also owns the blazer from seminal 90s chat show Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge.

He probably doesn’t fully understand why he’s in the list. Vote for him and baffle him further.

Voting closes on Thursday. Have your say.