Man Bun Monday needs to stop right now

That includes you Proudlock


You should consider yourself very lucky if you manage to leave the house without seeing this horrific hair malfunction.

The top-knot has been around for a while now and many boys have been sporting this “edgy” look since 2k12.

But things have gotten out of hand as this once-stylish hairstyle has become the subject of ridicule.

Not a good look

The popularity of the hairstyle has spread far and wide, but it seems there is an unhealthy number of them on campus.

In an attempt to impress, many took the summer holidays as a chance to grow out their hair to achieve the look. Most failed.

Is this a joke?

You’re most likely to spot one at Thursday Mosaic in the smokers area. This type of person is known as a “top-knob”.

You may be wondering where this look has come from?

Of course, Z-list celebrities like Proudlock from Made in Chelsea have inspired the craze.

Prudders is one inspirational boi

Boys with serious banter are even using hashtags on Twitter and Facebook such as #TopKnotTuesday and #ManBunMonday to broadcast their failing attempts.

But it’s not all bad news. If it’s done right it can look quite good. You might even get a new profile picture out of it.

Boys take note – this is how it’s done.

Unless you’re a 1998 Leonardo DiCaprio or a disheveled looking Brad Pitt, the chances are you wont be able to pull it off anyway.

But remember, if in doubt, leave it out.