Big Pets On Campus: Zorro

You don’t see many pets in student houses, so here’s a ferret in one


Meet Zorro, the irresistibly loveable five-month-old ferret who’s the biggest party animal in Exeter.

A ferret may seem like an unusual pet choice, but Zorro shows they are great additions to student homes.

Zorro chilling in his hammock

Name: Zorro

Birthday: May 26 2014

Family history: Mummy Bandit

Owners: Alex, Masters Physics student, and Oli, third year Electrical Engineer

Enjoys long walks on the beach

Likes: The spaces behind kitchen appliances, empty beer cans, latex, empty plastic bags, and playing chase and tunnels

Dislikes: Sudden loud noises

Naughty habits: Hiding behind kitchen appliances and alcoholism

Not a tunnel 🙁

Favourite drink: He’s particularly partial to gin and tonic

Favourite thing about unay: All the new people to play with

Fun fact: Alex and Oli are training Zorro to go on walks with a lead, so if you see a ferret being walked down Pennsylvania Road, be sure to say hi

If you have a pet you want to be the next BPOC email [email protected] with the above info and some pictures.