Fashion In The Forum: Men’s Edition

This week we discover charity shop prints, statement pieces and a strange preference for cute cat videos.

Steven Chong
Check out the shoes! Enough said.

Check out the shoes! Enough said.

Course: Post graduate International Management
Favourite item: Gold shoes by Nike
Do you prefer cute baby videos or cute cat videos? Cats


Joel Daruvalla

We love the statement shirt paired with simple jeans and shoes.

Course: 1st year IT with Management for Business
Favourite item: Shirt from a Corniche charity shop
Do you prefer cute baby videos or cute cat videos? Cats


 Dom Green

Patterns and layers with a beanie gives this look a rock and relaxed feel.

Course: 1st year Physics
Favourite item: Shirt from Afflex in Manchester
Do you prefer cute baby videos or cute cat videos? Cats


James Jones & Cullum Alder

If you’ve ever seen these two on campus, you have probably guessed it was just a matter of time until they would appear on here.

Course: 1st year Law
Favourite item: James – shoes from Nike and ripped jeans; Cullum – Denim jacket
Would you rather be overlooking a canal or rowing a boat through it? Both would prefer overlooking the canal.


Dean Hartfield

Love the jumper and the simple colour blocking of this outfit. Dean keeps it cool with grey and blue sneakers.

Course: 1st year Management and Marketing
Favourite item: Maroon jumper
Flip flops or boots? Boots


Disun Vera-Cruz

Another great use of colour blocking. We love how he paired his shirt and cardi.

Course: 3rd year Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Favourite item: White shirt
Polka dots or stripes? Polka dots



Breaking up patterns with blocks of colour. Very nice.

Course: 1st year Engineering
Favourite item: shoes from Nike
Spiked hair or shaved bald? Bald


(Left to right) Matt Tiecehurst, Chris Ford, Alex Parratt, Ben Hart

And last but not least, our seniors show us how it’s really done.

Graduated in year: 2013 (History), 2011 (Politics and French), 2013 (Accounting and Finance), 2013 (History)
Working in: Deloitte, Bank of England, Deloitte, Bank of England
Blondes or brunettes? All said brunettes.