Ever wondered what would happen if you let a boy dress you for a night out?

Well we went out and found out for you

We attempted to find out what guys really think about female fashion as three brave men took on the challenge and styled our girls for a night out in Exeter.

We also grilled them for their opinion on women’s clothes and makeup, and the results may surprise you…

Gabriella Drake, 1st year Drama



Gabriella after being styled by Toby

Toby’s preferred style on girls: Sporty and casual (top with leggings)
Toby’s favourite makeup trend: Natural, only mascara and lip gloss


Gabriella’s opinion: “It’s great for a more sophisticated night out, something I would wear in London, not Exeter, but his choice of jewellery was simple and perfect for the dress.”

 Dory Tothfalusi, 1st year Sociology Student



Dory looking perfect in the eyes of Emre

Emre’s preferred style on girls: Classy and elegant (dresses/skirts with heels)

Emre’s favourite makeup trend: Mascara, red lipstick, smoky eyes

Dory’s opinion: “The outfit was perfect, since he chose one of my favourite dresses and accessories, but it might be a little bit too elegant for a night out here.”

 Vanessa Ng, 1st year Law Student



Team Vanessa and Leon

Leon’s preferred style on girls: Classy dresses
Leon’s favourite makeup trend: Natural with slight blush and mascara

Vanessa’s opinion: “The outfit was pretty cool actually, it looked somewhat biker chic, and I would wear this for a night out.”

The Final Results:

Although many of the boys like casual outfits on girls, they said that:

“We want to see them in their prettiest and most elegant dresses for a night out”.

They agree that less is more when it comes to accessories; a cute necklace and a shiny ring is totally enough.

When it comes to makeup, boys usually prefer natural looks on girls, but some of them also love to see lipsticks and mascara for parties.

So let’s face it, girls: boys adore when you are “simple and elegant”.

Organised by: Dory Tothfalusi and Vanessa Ng