Students left horrified after ‘Day After Tomorrow’ flash floods

Where’s Noah when you need him?

It seems the weather forecast may have been slightly off last week, as promises of a heat-wave were shattered as flash floods caused havoc  last Thursday.

Georgia-Zemorii Roberts, second year English/French student and resident of Heavitree Road, was left horrified by the state her house (and now swimming pool) was left in.

Georgia told The Tab, “We live at the bottom of a hill, and the water had gathered in a car park at the top before it came down in one fat flood.”

Anyone up for a swim?

“We weren’t warned about the risks; apparently, it has never happened before, so this really was a freak incident.

The closest it’s ever come was about ten years ago, when it came to the driveway but quickly receded”

The water consumed the ground floor, forcing the students to save what they could get by rushing it to higher ground.

“At first all the kitchen appliances were out, and the water that had gotten into the (girl’s) bathroom was contaminated, so we couldn’t use it.

But the landlord is so chilled and rocked up with his wife the next day to help clean.”

In time of disaster, there’s always Snapchat to help.

“We live next to a few shops, and apparently one of those (Sewing Machine Company) had a lot of equipment destroyed.

Also, a neighbour’s van got lifted up from the height and strength of the water, and it crashed into a wall…so I’m guessing they’re not too happy about that.

How has it impacted me?

Well I’m from the Midlands so I’m not used to all this flash flood Day After Tomorrow-style weather, so it’s made me a lot more aware of just how bad it can get down here.”

The black line shows just how deep the water was.

“I’m alright though the kitchen appliances are all working now, which is handy because we don’t have to starve.

I’ m just glad my hair products aren’t ruined”