Winter is coming: The Tab tries Game of Thrones Society

The Tab checks out if the society is as keen to kill off its members as the show is


In the last year or so, Exeter has suddenly become home to a number of fan societies – places where people can geek out about their favourite shows, books and films.

One of these is the Game of Thrones Society – which has even been endorsed by the show’s Jack Gleeson (that smug little git Joffrey):



Eager to find out whether they were as into gratuitous sex and violence as the characters in George RR Martin’s hit show, The Tab headed along to their… pub quiz.

There were only slightly fewer people than the ensemble cast of the show.

Bribing my way into a team (we called ourselves ‘Valar Mordrinkis’ – “all men must drink”) with a bottle of wine, the game soon got underway with the most obscure of questions.

To whom did the Boltons originally owe their allegiance? Who survived the Red Wedding by going for a piss?  How many times did we get to see Jaime and Cersei get it on in Season One?

Somehow, my teammates seemed to consider the whole thing almost too easy, while I kept their respect by buying more drinks.

Our question-masters for the evening – Lord of the Ale and Robert Beeratheon.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but I did manage to score a quick interview with their President and founder, Nick Lawley.

What was your inspiration for starting Game of Thrones Society?

I couldn’t believe that there was a Harry Potter Society but not a Game of Thrones one, and it all snowballed from there.

What sort of things do you get up to as a society?

Pub quizzes, the Game of Thrones boardgame, and when it’s season time, we get together and Hole in the Wall play the show for us. We do nights out, we have a big Halloween event coming up with Harry Potter Society, people are going to be dressed as Whitewalkers, we do the news kind of thing, keep people up to date with the latest news about the show and books.

Maybe if the questions were more like “name three characters who die” we’d have won.

Do you ever try to recreate the battles?

Not really our style, but because we’re new, we’re open to what our members want, so if enough people ask for it…

Any interesting facts about the society?

I as President have gone to see some premieres of the show, I had to sign a non-disclosure form. We’ve hit over 150 members in our first year – I don’t know if that’s some kind of record, but I’d like to think so.

We’ll be looking out for those Whitewalkers roaming the streets around Halloween!