Binky Felstead to host Clique Mondays at Timepiece…but there’s not much of an audience

‘Stop trying to make Monday TP happen, it’s not going to happen’

Sultry star Binky Felstead is hosting a night at Timepiece next week – and 45 people are attending.

In the latest bid to make Clique Mondays a “thing”, Binky will be heading down to Exeter to play host in a few short days.

The event has already attracted a lot of interest on social media with 45 people attending on Facebook, which pretty much guarantees it’s going to be a popular night.

Even Binky doesn’t seem too excited about the event.

Happier times..Binky modelling for Bluebella

With a guarantee of some form of MIC star turning up on a monthly basis, Clique Mondays seem insistent on making their mark on the Exeter clubbing scene.

Surprisingly, some students are still very excited about Binky’s return.

“This is so exciting, Binky is my favourite character, she’s so much better than Jamie!” said Monika, a masters Physics student.

“I’m going to go down and we will most likely end up being best friends.”

However, not everyone is so delighted with her visit, or aware who she is.

‘Who?’ asked Becky, a second year Psychology student, after being told about Binky’s visit to Timepiece.

“To be honest I don’t really care, she’s just another person to me.”

Guaranteed entry to this highly sought after event can be found here.