Everything you need to know about the two Safer Sex Balls

Who, what, when, where, how much, why – we’ve got the facts you need

| UPDATED exclusive

Let’s face it – there will never be another “official” SSB endorsed by the Guild.

Despite this, Saturday saw widespread excitement thanks to a group of Exeter promoters’ plans to bring back the most infamous student event in the country.

Then yesterday, another event, created by a Facebook page called simply “The Safer Sex Ball”, has also claimed to be a reincarnation of the Exeter tradition.

This is of course all very confusing. Is this town big enough for two SSBs?

Here is everything you should about your two options for partying in your underwear.

Who’s running them?

The Enchanted Group – organisers of the Enchanted Garden Ball alongside several regular Exeter events – are heading up The Safer Sex Ball 2014.

The Rio-themed event currently has 1,800 attendants on the Facebook event.

The Winter Wonderland-themed Exeter Safer Sex Ball, meanwhile, is fronted by Mark Bowers, formerly of the Guild’s events team.

Bowers has the backing of the mammoth Volt Marketing, which organises student events nationwide.

You may remember Volt and Mark from trying to start up the SSB twice before – in November last year, and in April.

Where are they?

Westpoint Arena will host the Winter Wonderland SSB – much as it hosted RAG’s SSB back in 2011.

The theme may seem apt as according to attendees of the 2011 event “it’s fucking freezing”.

The Enchanted Group are yet to disclose their venue – but told us: “it’s a 3,000-capacity three-room venue about 30 minutes from Exeter.

“There’ll be coaches included in the ticket price – but it’s warmer than Westpoint.”

When are they?

The Rio ball takes place on Sunday 7th December, while the Winter Wonderland ball is three days’ later on the 10th.

What’s in store?

The Enchanted Group said: “We’ve not yet booked anyone – but we’ve got the budget for a decent line-up.

“In the past, we’ve booked acts like Example, Bondax, Professor Green, Ben Pearce, Netsky…we promise a big bill.”

The Winter Wonderland Ball’s main room is set to be hosted by Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and his Candy Kittens.

Jaguar Skills will be playing the last date of his UK tour – which is a full stage show rather than a mere DJ set.

Radio 1’s Jameela Jamil is set to headline, and, according to Volt Marketing, “there’s a guest DJ who’ll be announced once we’ve sold the first tier of tickets.

“Can’t give too much away – but it’s a house act.”

How much are tickets going to be?

The Enchanted Group guarantee a flat ticket rate of “under £40” – presumably to cover the coach travel.

Volt Marketing are set to release their tickets this evening under a tiered system. The first 100 will be free, with super-early birds at £10. Subsequent tickets will range in price between £15 and £45.

How much money goes to charity?

In 2012, the last official Safer Sex Ball raised £20,000 for charity. The Enchanted Group plan to go one better – they’ve pledged £25,000 of their proceeds to charities to be named shortly.

Volt meanwhile are said to be planning a donation to the Eddystone Trust – though the sum is yet to be agreed upon.

A spokesperson said: “In light of the past publicity SSBs have had, we’re tentative to name a charity now in case they’re not comfortable with the limelight.”

Looks like Safer Sex Balls are like buses – you wait ages for one and then two come along at once.