Watch out Glastonbury: Local and student acts set to perform at Quay-based festival

100 acts set to perform at nine venues for the Oxjam Exeter Takeover

Exeter Quay is to be transformed on the October 18th for the Oxjam Exeter Takeover that features 100 bands playing at nine venues.

The event has been organised and will be run by 100’s of volunteers in order to raise money for Oxfam.

The venues include Mill on the Exe, The Kings , The Port Royal, The Transit Shed, Bar Venezia, On The Waterfront’, The Bishop Blaize and Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre.

Mill on the Exe will be transformed into a live music venue

Climbers will be switched for DJs at the Quay’s climbing centre.

But in order to play their set, the DJs will have to scale the walls .

Some of the acts set to play on the night include Castletown, Deerwood Lane, The Levity, Bootlegger’s Turn and Seven Cities.

Though you may never have actually seen or heard any of these acts, it’s hard for anything to sound bad when you’re sat beside the water with a pint in hand.

Boy band ‘Seven Cities’ who will be taking the late night slot at Mill on the Exe

English second-year Kate Elizabeth was scouted to perform at 9.10pm at On The Waterfront.

She told The Tab, “I started doing Larmer Tree when I was 13, so at the time I was very nervous.

“But I then got more gigs with radio stations and local venues, so as I wrote more songs; the nerves got better.”

She said the event “will definitely have a music festival vibe and will showcase lots of up and coming acts, as well as established musicians and bands from around the Exeter area”

Photo Credit: Emily Lunness

Tickets to see Kate and the other acts perform are £10 in advance, and include entry to all venues plus lots of added extras including free climbs at The Quay Climbing Centre and exclusive drinks promotions for wristband holders.

Spanish second-year Jenny said “Although I haven’t actually heard of any of the bands who are playing, this seems like a really good way of raising money for charity.”

Surely this beats The Lemmy?

“If people are prepared to pay £15 to watch a DJ play a set at somewhere like The Lemmy, then surely they’d by happy to splash out a tenner to watch loads of live music at a venue as beautiful as The Quay.”

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