Exeter student writes bestselling historical book

He’s a bestselling author and his blog has received over 100,000 views – what did you achieve today?

While the rest of us spent our summers lazing around in front of the TV or jetting off on holiday, third year student Conor Byrne was writing a novel that would reach number one in the Amazon bestsellers list for his genre, and working on a blog that’s received over 100,000 hits from around the world…

The Tab wangled an interview with the brainy Historian about his inspirations, future plans, and that old age question of TP vs Mosaic…

What made you decide to write a book?

I’ve been interested in history since I was 10 or 11 – it’s a long standing passion. Katherine Howard’s story is so tragic – she was plucked from obscurity and lost her head two years later. It just didn’t add up. There are gaping holes in this part of history which I’ve tried to answer.

How have your friends reacted to it all?

They are impressed and ask how I’ve managed to balance writing a book with a university workload. But I’ve got a real passion for this topic and was determined to persevere. A real person was condemned, and I want to do her justice.

How popular has your book been?

It’s number one on the Amazon best-sellers list for 16th Century World History. It’s more popular on Kindle, as it’s only £2 – it’s £10 for a paperback version.

Do you have any plans for another book?

I’d be interested in writing about how each wife is represented in popular culture – for example, the TV show “The Tudors” influences and shapes people’s views.

How long has your blog been going?

It’s been running for two years, and I recently achieved the milestone of receiving 100,000 hits from around the world.

What’s it about?

A range of history, from ancient to present. However, it’s mostly on medieval and Tudor history, particularly that of women.

What’s your favourite food after a night out?
It’s got to be pasta.

Timepiece vs. Mosaic?
Definitely Timepiece, the music and drinks prices are better.

What’s your drink of choice?
A nice glass of wine.

What’s your favourite place in Exeter?

I don’t have a particular favourite place, but if I have to choose, it’d be either the cathedral or the Quay.