The Safer Sex Ball is back

And it’s carnival-themed


Call Ann Summers – SSB is back.

For 21 years, the Safer Sex Ball was an integral part of the Exeter uni tradition – and then we blew it.

The event, until now, had been run by RAG and the Guild, and has raised thousands of pounds for charities such as the Eddystone Trust, which helps people in the South West with HIV.

After a year off, the masterminds behind the Enchanted Garden Ball and the upcoming Enchanted Forest, The Enchanted Group, have taken on the challenge to resuscitate the event.

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The new SSB is due to be held on December 7th at a “secret location”, and the Facebook event page is already garnering a lot of interest.

The event description reads: “After the disappointment of December 2013, when we thought we had lost this legendary event forever but the illustrious Safer Sex Ball is BACK!

The SSB was one of the biggest events in the student calendar for twenty-one years and seen as the ultimate pre-requisite to the Exeter experience.

“Thus, the team behind The Enchanted Garden Ball will be bringing it back to life in December 2014.

The SSB 2014 will play host to 3,000 students at a secret location just outside of Exeter. Ball-goers are set to enjoy a night full of revelry until 5am!

Featuring internationally renowned DJs and headlining acts, the SSB will be staged with the same imagination and novelty that The Enchanted Group have come to be known for and this year’s theme will be no different.

“Safer Sex Ballers are invited to come to RIO – so fix up for the party of your life and get ready to shake your bon bon.”

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A spokesperson for the Enchanted Group mysteriously said: “The charitable nature of the event will be maintained. Key information will only be released to students who pre-register.”

Third-year Oli Brown said: “I feel like it’s too good to be true, to be honest. It’s added another dimension to my third year, I think.  

Physicist Emily Nicholls said: “It’s good that it raised a lot of money for charity, but otherwise it’s a bit seedy, isn’t it?

“I wouldn’t go to a normal club night that requested that everyone go in their underwear…”

Business third-year Josh said: “If my mates are going, then I’ll go. It would be good to see what all the fuss is about.” 

Stephanie Smith, an Archaeology and Forensic Science fourth-year, said: “If it’s still for charity I would probably go, as it’s my last chance and I haven’t been before.”

Pre-registration for tickets opens on Monday evening.