The best dressed at Freshers’ Ball

Freshers suited up for the Freshers’ Ball on Wednesday, leaving the customary flip flops and hoodies at home.

The new boys and girls on campus took full advantage of the only time they’ll be wearing heels and suits in Exeter until their graduation.

Here are some of the best dressed, and best poses, of the night.


Name: Katie Dawson

Course: Art History & Visual Culture

Fashion icon: Kate Moss


Name: Bex Fox

Course: Physics

Fashion Icon: Blake Lively


Name: Will Sargeant

Course: Classical Studies

Fashion Icon: Justin Timberlake


Name: Abbie Perry

Course: Accounting and Finance

Fashion Icon: Alexa Chung


Name: Edward Laughton

Course: General Engineering

Fashion Icon: David Beckham

Name: Julia Jadric

Course: International Relations

Fashion Icon: Blake Lively


Name: Melika Carlson

Course: Psychology

Fashion Icon: Marilyn Monroe


Name: Will Hebblethwaite

Course: International Relations

Fashion Icon: James Bond


Name: Cynthia Dafinone

Course: Computer Science

Fashion Icon: Taylor Momsen


On the left

Name: Ashley Beddows

Course: History & Spanish

Fashion Icon: Leonardo DiCaprio


On the right

Name: Dominic Howell

Course: Economics

Fashion Icon: Eddie Redmayne