Football Varsity cancelled

The annual charity event has been cancelled by the university due to complaints about students from local residents

Geoff Pringle strikes again, having sent an email to all students at the university regarding the cancellation of the match against the University of Bath scheduled for October 15th.

No half time performance by Exeter cheerleaders this time

The cancellation is due to complaints by local residents of the “anti-social behaviour” by students, which last week prompted Pringle to send out a letter of apology regarding said behaviour to locals, as well as a few confused students.

In the email, Pringle states that due to “the location of the event lying in a densely populated residential area, we feel it is in the interests of the University, students and the local community to cancel the forthcoming Varsity match.”

There wont be any of this excitement this year

The email assures students that the university is aware that the decision is “disappointing”, but that it is necessary to keep disturbances to local residents to a minimum.

It also assures recipients that the University will be making donations to Exeter City Football Club, as well as the two chosen charities for the event.

Full refunds will be available for all ticket holders from the AU office at the Sports Park on campus.