First year is all good and well until you get a £400 fine for vomiting

What do you miss most about being a fresher?


“No-one judges you in freshers.”

The first week of lectures has passed and term has now begun. The Forum was full of people nursing hangovers from the weekend and people who want to be in bed on Netflix rather than going to a lecture on Cold Climate Geomorphology.

In an effort to lighten the mood, we asked current second, third and fourth years what they missed about being a fresher.


Management and Tourism third-year Elena said: “I think the fact that everything being new was a nice change, there were new people to meet and new places to go.

“Back in freshers it was all a bit too new for me. Coming from Gran Canaria, I had to go to the supermarket with my new flatmate’s parent, which wasn’t the way I wanted to start the year. It was so weird.

“Freshers is the best year of uni because you don’t have much pressure on you. I should have got more into a club or society but joining in the second year was fine.”

Rhiannon, Amisha and Georgia

All Law second-years

Amisha said: “First year was so much fun as you didn’t really have to do much. I used to go out at any opportunity.

“It’s nice in second year though as I’m in a house with my friends from last year and we are just going to carry on from last year”

Rhiannon said: “What I don’t miss about first year and especially freshers is the fact that you don’t really know anybody, you’re just in a new place with new people.

“This year is going to be much better as we know what nights out to go on and what events to go to.”

Georgia said: “We all joined societies but didn’t really put our all in, what I would say to new freshers is don’t be scared to do something that your friends aren’t doing, you’ll make new friends.

“First year was all good fun but it’s over now, we’re all still going to go out but now we know where’s best.”

Alice and Connor

Law third-years

Connor said: “There’s already more pressure to go lectures this year which is shit. It all seems a bit more intense.”

“It’s lush meeting new people, its cool knowing people all the around you from school but making new friends was really cool.

“I’ve had better nights out this year than my previous years, it all about knowing where to go, that’s when freshers is shit. If you don’t go to the right club on the right night, you are going to have a shit night.

“I loved the first year, no-one judges you in freshers, it’s all good hearted fun.

Alice said: “What I don’t miss is having no close friends to start with wasn’t brilliant but I guess that’s natural. You make them really quickly and they stick with you.

“I love knowing what tickets to buy and where to go out, definitely would have gone to a few more bigger events as a fresher.”

Joe, Will and Olly

Second-year Mathematician Olly said: “To be honest it’s mostly that we didn’t have to give a shit, there was no pressure. In fact there is still no pressure to do well.

“Obviously there are some boundaries in what you should and shouldn’t do. Like getting the paramedics called in and then getting slapped with a £400 fine for chundering all over your flat, like myself. Still paying my mum back for that.

“I should have gone out more in freshers so this year I’m going to make up for that.”

Management and Geography third-year Joe said: “I miss not being in my overdraft from day one, yeah that’s nice. I started this year minus £800 due to fucking rent.

“I miss being a fresher, but living in a house is nice. Don’t like having to get up an hour before my lecture whereas when I was in Lafrowda you could get up 10 minutes before its meant to start.

“Enjoy your first year by all means, unlike Olly I want to succeed, so yeah I’m actually going to work now.”

Second-year Biologist Will said: “I don’t really miss halls, cut out the riff raff when you’re in a house, that’s the best bit about it.”

“That first week we had no fucking clue what we were doing, that was bad. At least we now know what to go to and what to avoid.”

“I’ve only just started second year so I’m looking to have just as much fun as I did last year, if not more.