We went to Detention in the Lemmy, and it was a bit rubbish

Much to everyone’s surprise, The Lemmy’s attempt to rival Timepiece Wednesday has fallen a little flat

Advertised as being “Exeter’s Brand New Alternative Night”,’Detention’ attracted students who either straight up hate mainstream music or who are beginning to get just a little  bored of the chart-dominanted nights out.

An empty dancefloor at 9pm

Unfortunately, some of us got our hopes up a little too much.

After hearing of the legendary Saturday night Lemmy queues, we (rather eagerly) arrived at 9 to get stamped, then got back to our flat for pre-drinks, which is an effortful 15 minute walk from campus up a couple of hills.

However, when we went back later for the main event, there was not a queue in sight. In fact, it was rather empty inside…probably because everyone was at Timepiece.

The event in full swing

The music wasn’t quite what we expected either.

The flyer promised Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Frank Turner, Paramore and Fall Out Boy.

But the music played went from two extremes; starting off with Enter Shikari, Limp Bizkit and A Day To Remember then rapidly jumping to more “pop rock” like Sum 41, Blink 182 and You Me At Six.

At least the DJs seemed to be having a good time.

Two frshers share an intimate moment.

With a bit more alcohol in our systems and a bit less optimism, it could’ve been a good night out.

But we were looking forward to it a bit too much, and the ‘club-drunk’ atmosphere wasn’t really there.

Whether a week-day at The Lemmy will ever pick up is anyone’s guess (but we’re willing to bet no).