Rugby social secs resign amid rumours of club misbehaviour

Club distances itself from gossip after tumultuous week for Exeter sport


The social secretaries of the rugby union club have stepped down – just one week into the new term.

Following two meetings with the Athletic Union, the two third-years tendered their resignations.

The Tab understands the first meeting was called after a text message describing alleged misconduct following the club’s welcome drinks on Monday 15th September was screenshotted and leaked to Twitter.

The club have denounced the content of the message as “not true at all” – but nonetheless have been fined a whopping £500.

The club came under scrutiny following allegations published on Twitter

A spokesperson exclusively told The Tab: “It’s been a tough week.

“We’ve had two meetings with the Athletics Union and they have imposed some sanctions on the club.

“Our social secretaries voluntarily resigned as they thought it was the best thing to do.

“The most annoying thing is that despite all of the negative attention, we’ve had more sign-ups at the Freshers’ Fair than ever.

“It’s a shame the actions of a couple of individuals may have marred that.

“It’s difficult for the social secretaries – they can’t really control what happens in Timepiece. The social had finished and they’d asked the second years to ‘look after the fresh as it’s their first night’.

“It’s tough for them to feel they had to step down.”

Addressing rumours about the whole club being banned from Timepiece for a year following Wednesday’s conduct, the spokesperson said: “It’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

Further allegations, printed in today’s Exeposé, claimed: “an individual behind us was approached by a police officer and accosted for allegedly masturbating in public.”

Sources close to the club said: “I’m sure if someone had been wanking in the queue, they would have been arrested.

“Whether you’re drunk or not, that’s indecent exposure, bordering on sexual assault.

“Without questioning the whole club, it’s hard to say that definitely happened.”

Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We do not have any record of this incident I am afraid.

“It doesn’t appear on our crime system for that day either.”

The Athletics Union declined to comment.