Football club in ‘beer drinking’ shocker

Why can’t you put the word ‘fucking’ on your front page?

An undercover investigation has sensationally revealed that Welcome Drinks involve the consumption of alcohol.

Brave Exeposé reporters filmed the men’s football team’s first social on Wednesday 17th September with a hidden camera.

The footage depicts earth-shattering events such as freshers drinking out of shoes, telling embarrassing stories colloquially referred to as “confessions” and kissing a dead eel called Colin.

Avert your eyes, children

The front page exclusive also tells how “first years were forced to ‘bolt’ full pints.”

The freshers – who could probably have left whenever they wanted to – were subjected to the abuse at the social in Cross Keys bar, usually a sombre and tranquil venue.

For the full story, pick up a copy of tomorrow’s Exeposé.

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