Could this gorgeous building next to campus be the nicest student house ever?

Yes – if someone buys it and then rents it out to students

If you thought your £105 per person per week terraced house on Vic Street was swanky – think again.

A lavish property on Streatham Rise – achingly close to campus – has gone on the market at a whopping £2.5 million.

Lyndhurst boasts beautiful views of the countryside, a south-facing garden, an Italian-style terrace and an atrium.

Does your house have an atrium?

Owner David told The Express and Echo: “We are, in many ways, reluctant sellers but despite the years of effort we put into the project we have decided that the pull of friends and familiar surroundings where we currently live was just too compelling so we decided to stay in our current home.

“Our experience building from the design and specification to the quality of craftsmanship in the construction and finishing helped is create what we believe will be a fine home for the new owner – we think one of the best, if not the best new home in the city.”

If you’ve got a spare £2.5 million (who doesn’t), drop estate agents Wilkinson Grant a line on 01392 427500 or visit