Oi, we’re going to Mozzers on Monday

Come, yeah?

By now, you’ve probably worked out there’s more to Exeter than compulsory employability lectures and that hill.

Sure, Freshers’ Week has given way to that lacklustre grey period between now and Christmas – but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a good time.

You do. We think you do. And so do our mates at 4play.

That’s why we’re taking over Dope Mondays next week, and it’s going to be excellent.

The Tab and Mosaic, like cheese and wine

The Tab and Mosaic, like cheese and wine

It’ll be so much more than just a bevy of dazzlingly handsome Tab teamers in THAT red and white t-shirt – which is worth seeing in its own right.

The first 100 people through the door will get a Dope Mondays t-shirt – for free.

CuZo will be on the decks on the top floor – and we’ll be at the bar making noise and throwing shots around.

Come say hey and you’ll have a chance to win some champagne (the good stuff).

Even if you don’t win that, you can grab a Tab condom off us, so you’ve got something to line that gap in your wallet between your ID and daddy’s credit card.

Time to start massively overthinking your outfit.

We’ll see you at the top of the stairs.