Where can I drink in the street without the filth taking my tinnies?

#socialawareness #community

You’re going to be late for Arena.

You rush out of the house, Strongbow in hand, and bomb down Pennsylvania Road.

It’s fine, you’ll get in before 11…and then you’re accosted by the 5-0 at the mini-roundabout.

They take your can, give you a good telling-off and you miss the 11pm rush.

Head in hands, you join the queue as it snakes down Summerland Street.

It’s a heart-breaking scenario – but it happens more often than you think.

What’s more, it’s easily avoided. We’ve got in touch with the rozzers for you and made this handy map.

Don’t go in the red zone with an “open container”.

Unless you want to go to prison.

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