We went to a micropig farm and it was everything we dreamed it would be

Because everything is better in miniature

cute farm micropigs pigs

Just half an hours drive away, and for only a tenner, there lies a magical land called Pennywell Farm.

Home to the world’s cutest animal, the micropig. And trust us, it’s the only place you need to be this Freshers’ Week.

The land of dreams.

Look at this guy

Pig cuddling is a thing. Possibly the greatest thing ever.

And armed with a pink fluffy blanket you can actually hold a tiny pig in your arms for as long as you want. You could even lie in the straw with them if you were so inclined (that’s a bit weird though).

Pigs in blankets

Some things we learned from our pig cuddling experience:

1) Catching pigs is hard. 

2) Pigs make a really traumatic squealing noise when you pick them up

3) That is, until you snuggle them tightly and then they make little snorting sounds which is the most beautiful sound you will ever hear.

Getting down with the pigs

The pigs didn’t get all the love though.

There was a huge selection of delightful animals at the farm, including pygmy goats, sheep and ferrets. You are allowed, nay encouraged, to stroke and feed them.

You can even hold a hedgehog in your arms, which is just as exciting as when you find one in your garden, and surprisingly cute.

It’s a goat wearing boots

There are also ‘children’s activities’ such as tractors, trampolines and an assault cause, but ignore the Under 5’s Only signs, and play away to your heart’s content. It’s so worth it.

Relatively happy

You’re never too old to have this much fun

For you gambling addict out there, there is even pig racing.

This pun-tastic race involves hedging your bets on pigs with names like Celestial Squeal and Crispy Bacon (something you will never be able to eat again after this, by the way), and inevitably ends with you becoming far too emotionally invested in the pig you are assigned.

I had him in the palm of my hands

Ooh farm friends

Overall, it was a great way to cure a hangover and there is something strangely relaxing about cuddling a pig in your arms.

Call your friends immediately and arrange a trip there NOW. You can thank us later.