Snoop Dogg is DJing at Timepiece…and chances are, you won’t be around to see it

Doggfather to DJ Top-Top in August – why doesn’t this shit happen in term time?

Snoop Dogg, under his DJ pseudonym “Snoopadelic”, is set to play Timepiece.

The “Doggfather” of rap, Snoop Dogg has clearly decided that Ibiza and London are not up to his standards and that Cali Weed is inferior to a good TP double.

The gig is set to take place on the 9th August – when literally none of us are there.

Snoop, rather than holding the mic, is set to be spinning some serious beats

The music on TP top floor is what brings screaming netball girls and backwards cap-wearers alike to brave those stairs – despite the fact that most of Exeter as we know it would be more at home on the cover of Tatler than the streets of Compton.

Whether or not there will be many people to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” remains to be seen, but could he have not just waited two months until students, who let’s face it, are the only important people in Exeter, could enjoy him?

If the point of inviting Snoop Dogg is to show that Exeter can attract big names, then let’s hope this approach continues into term time and we can achieve my life long dream of seeing the Venga Boys and Kanye West share a stage.