Festival faces: Get the perfect festival look this summer

It’s easier than you think to get glitter and face paint right

After months of hype and weeks of outfit planning/panic, Exeter’s very own festival was a storming success. Festivals are about way more than just the music, and in the wake of Hijacked we take a look at some of the latest festival trends to inspire you for the summer.

This season, it’s all about the face. Although probably not campus and everyday-appropriate, these looks work for more than just festivals, having been seen at the recent boat parties.

Here we show you 6 easy and affordable ways to nail festival cool over the next few months as you head home.

1. Gems and bindis

The tentative approach: art not your forte? If you can’t book a session with your arty housemate then panic not, DIY faces have never been easier.

Bindis and face gems are the quickest and easiest way to make a fashion-forward statement, having been seen on all the cool kids at Coachella a few months ago.

Just order yourself some stick on diamanté bindis, or use some eyelash glue on any sequins or gems you can get your hands on and you’re halfway there. Stick them above the arch of your eyebrow for a Brazilian carnival inspired look that will distract the world from that shower-deprived hair.

Be sure to stick them above your sunglasses and don’t scratch them off accidentally and you’re ready to hit that field.

2. Face paint

Get creative: who doesn’t love dabbling with face paint? Festivals are the perfect place where it is acceptable to experiment with neon face paint (reminiscent of those Full Moon gap yah days), and through your own custom designs is an easy way of achieving that creative-hippy festival look.

Water based facepaint can multitask as a brilliantly bright eye shadow if you fancy, or if not then find someone arty and try some floral decoration from temple to cheekbone or anything bright and bold.

Neat little dots work well too instead of the war stripes you championed age 14…

Watch out for the rain with this one though or your artistic masterpiece will become rainbow tears before you know it.

3. Glitter

Those peepers are probably going to be hiding behind some seriously wavey shades but on the off chance that they do see the light of day then make your eyes pop with some glitter.

Added bonus is that highlighting the inner corner of your eye widens and brightens it, which after 3 nights of no sleep in a sweaty tent can only be a good thing. Use Vaseline to help it stick.

4. Lips

Not for the fainthearted, bright lips have been sweeping the runways and celebrity circuits recently and we’re not talking bright corals.

From pastel blues to swamp green (as seen on Queen of cool Rihanna), a strong lip is an easy way to make a statement and make you stand out from the crowd.

For our shoot we used water-based blue face paint on Pem that gave a great matte effect.

Be sure to lighten the colour in the middle of your lips with some concealer/white face paint to make your pout plumper and help you on your way to achieving this seasons coveted ombre lip.

5. Hair

I know we said face but this is going to frame that, and any excuse to play with your hair… Rainbow hues are big at the moment and there are so many semi-permanent options available including chalks, sprays and dyes.

From Katy Perry’s slime green to Nicole Ritchie’s dusty lavender you’re sure to find a shade that suits you and gives any outfit a tough girl edge.

Invest in some Vaseline for your hairline, plastic gloves and a willing helper and you’re festival funky in under half an hour.

We tried this look ourselves at Hijacked.

6. Rain-Chic

Don’t get caught out, it’s going to happen, so you may as well embrace it like these kids at Hijacked and do your very best to protect your handiwork.

Models: Pem Marchant, Emi Geddes, Hannah Wilson.

Featuring: Celi Crossland, Emily Patrick, Lucy Gore, Millie Nelson, Amelia Hanbury.