Queue do you think you are?: Enchanted Garden Ball organisers admit ‘deep regret’ after ‘dangerous’ and ‘disgraceful’ melée

Punters unleash fury on EGB Facebook page after hour-long queues


The Enchanted Group, organisers of the Enchanted Garden Ball, have been threatened with legal action aftera torrent of complaints regarding the queues for coaches after the event.

From midnight onwards queues for coaches lasted between 1-2 hours, and the volume of people leaving the event meant security were left struggling to control and contain the crowd.

As a result, many were injured.

Katy Moulder posted on the event’s Facebook page displaying the injuries she sustained in the crowd.

“I was crushed against the barrier at the front and ignored when I told the security I was being crushed,” she wrote.

“I have woken up to painful ribs and this bruise on my leg where the barrier was digging in.’

Several other students have also posted on the Facebook page expressing their disappointment and concern about the queues for the coaches.

Joanna Ismaili, mother of a student who attended the event, threatened the event organisers with legal action.

“My daughter attended this event and told me what happened,” she wrote.

“I intend to take legal advice over the security staff that insisted on pushing people and herding them like cattle.

“You will not be hearing the last of this. Disgraceful…”

Tamara McGill, a second year Classics student, said “The queues were terrible. I nearly got crushed and was elbowed in the face.”

One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared her concerns with the queue’s impact on her medical condition, which leaves her prone to seizures.

“Being unexpectedly crushed amongst so many people aggravated a medical condition I already have but because the crush was so poorly handled there was no way I could alert the security guards to get their help – or for that matter any way they could have helped me even if they knew.”

A message left by one of the attendees on the EGB Facebook page.

A Guild spokesperson said “As the Students’ Guild is not associated with the EGB event we aren’t able to comment on any complaints, although we would of course urge students to continue to make their concerns known to the organisers whose responsibility it is to respond appropriately.”

Nick Jackson, one of the event’s organisers, told The Tab “We will be organising an SAG meeting with the police and licensing authorities to review our egress and crowd management process in detail.

“Whilst we will be reviewing the security management moving forwards, it is of deep regret that the issues faced at the end of the night have cast a shadow over what should have otherwise been a night of celebrations.”