Police appeal for witnesses after man knocked out at Cheesy Tuesdays

Police appeal for witnesses after Arena punching incident


Police are appealing for information after an assault in Arena, in one of the more eventful Cheesy Tuesdays of the year.

The man was knocked unconscious in the toilets by the 5ft 11 offender just before midnight on May 27th and was taken to hospital, later being diagnosed with concussion.

Investigating officer PC Robert Salt said, “I am appealing for any witnesses to the assault where a white male dressed in a white top was punched by another male and knocked unconscious at that time.”

The assault follows research into the drinking behaviours of adolescents, showing Devon’s nightlife might not be as safe as we all assume.

The study by the University of Plymouth focuses mainly on the motivation for pre-lashing, stating that pub and club owners are not doing enough to ensure the safety of young people on nights out.

Results claim to show that a tendency to ‘pre-load’ (seriously though, no-one calls it that) is due to the atmosphere of most bars and nightclubs.

You’re too sober in Arena if you smell the feet…

The study was carried out over a three-month period and included interviewing people aged 18-23 about their drinking habits and the frequency, planning and rituals of pre-lash… Ring of fire and fives being SO key. 

Research leader Dr Adrian Barton said, “beyond price, young people seemingly need alcohol to cope when going out and many of the young respondents prefer the comfort and safety drinking with people known to them brings.”

Previous studies conducted by Dr Barton and Dr Kerryn Husk, from the University of Exeter Medical School, showed that 60-70% of people pre-lash, with around half of them consuming significant quantities… Not that they’re stating the obvious or anything. 

As students we love a good pre-lash and it is probably because we can’t face the horrors of Exeter’s nightlife without a shed tonne of liquor before hand, especially if it’s a Wednesday Timepiece, because in all honesty, being sober and crushed in Top Top is less than ideal.