Tablature Volume 6: Benedict Jackson/Hijacked

Something a bit Hijacked this week…

In this edition we’ve made contact with one of Hijacked’s headliners. His name is Benedict Jackson and you might have more in common with him than you may expect…he was at school with me three years ago and he’s rapidly becoming a big name on the scene.

Having only started producing about a year ago his work keeps getting better and better, if your a deep house fan who enjoys that extra little bit of fun and bounce to get you bopping, Jackson is most definitely your man. One to put on the ‘must see’ list for Hijacked, and potentially one to meet at the Our House after party.

Here’s one to start you off…

And here’s what he had to share with the rest of you…

Having left school 3 years ago, how has it all kicked off so quickly for you?

I had been DJing and producing for a while but when I moved to Oxford I met the guys from Real Nice, which really got the ball rolling. I also got some real support from the These Days boys in Oxford and the Foundations crew down in Bristol. I was playing regular slots for all three of them but getting my first couple of releases meant that I was playing much more frequently and at much better venues across the country. Still a very long way to go though!

You’re a signed house producer, a prominent DJ and you’re studying a classics degree at Oxford, how the hell do you manage to squeeze it all in?

Ha, it’s not too bad really. I like keeping busy but I have to keep on top of things. Things are quite hectic at the moment with the festival season starting so I’m away quite a lot but I tend to get work done in the week to free up weekends. But yeh, during term time it’s tough getting into the studio, which is frustrating.

Who would you say your biggest inspirations are?

Nile Rodgers. He’s been amazingly influential in the development of music over the last couple of decades and, having read his autobiography, he’s a real inspiration. Other than that, my dad!

Out of all the tracks you’ve produced which one are you most proud of?

Either my remix of Eldoko’s ‘Flur’ (the original is an absolute treat and worth checking out) or my new release called ‘Far’ but I’ve got some unreleased material that I’m pretty happy with which should be appearing in the course of this year so stay tuned.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully running my own label but you never know.

RNR – One to watch

If you could do a back to back set with any DJ/Producer who would it be?

Tough question, but I think Erol Alkan is the man when it comes to DJing. His marathon sets really show the full extent of his musicality. I’d also love to play with Krystal Klear as I like what he’s doing at the moment.

Any surprises planned for your Hijacked set?

Ha I’ve always wanted to crowd surf but I’d probably crush someone.

Are you planning on hitting up any of the Hijacked after parties?

The Our House after party with PBR Streetgang looks cracking and there’s bound to be a few house parties as well but I’ll see where the night takes me.

Any final messages to send out to Exeter Uni?

See ya on the d-floor!

Here are a few of Jackson’s tracks to listen to, and to listen out for…